We Found One Of The Best Hotels in the World!

The best hotel in the world has to be Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives purely for its location besides the beautiful sea. If you are a sea lover you will absolutely fall in love with this stunning hotel. You will be greeted with a very unique way which is absolutely impressive and this is where you realize that your stay is surely going to be an extra ordinary one.

This hotel is like a blissful paradise and you feel like you are in a whole new world away from all the routine life which you have been living with normally. The hospitality that the staff provide you here is just so memorable that you would not want to leave this place at all which is one of the main reasons that leaves us so attached to this place emotionally. If i would want to rate this hotel for 100 marks i would definitely give 200 marks out of 100!

Gili Lankanfushi

Maldives itself is a very beautiful place and add to that this great hotel, makes the place even more beautiful. Whatever you need and whenever you need, there are people to help you any time and the support you get here is just awesome and everything from the food to the rooms are just top class. You start to feel the awesomeness right from the time you get down at the airport where you are taken to the hotel in a luxury speed boat.

From this moment you will be in a different word altogether and you just forget everything, relax and enter the world of paradise which is absolute heaven. The hotel is maintained very neatly and you just don’t have to worry anytime about the hygiene here as everything is so clean and fresh. There is something special about this hotel as you never get bored of coming to this place repeatedly making this one of the hotel you would never want to miss visiting once in your lifetime!

Love you Gili Lankanfushi & Maldives!